Yuanjie Zheng

School of Information Science and Engineering at ShandongNormal University, Jinan, China, 250014
Institute of Life Sciences at Shandong Normal University, Jinan, China, 250014
Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing at Shandong NormalUniversity, Jinan, China, 250014


Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (61572300);Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province in China (ZR2014FM001); TaishanScholar Program of Shandong Province in China (TSHW201502038);


This work was made possible through support from NaturalScience Foundation of China (NSFC) (61572300), Natural Science Foundation ofShandong Province in China (ZR2014FM001) and Taishan Scholar Program ofShandong Province in China (TSHW201502038).


Dr. Yuanjie Zheng is currently a professor in the School ofInformation Science and Technology at Shandong Normal University and a TaishanScholar of People's Government of Shandong Province of China. He is also actingas a vice-dean at both the School of Information Science and Technology and theInstitute of Life Sciences of Shandong Normal University. He used to be aSenior Research Investigator in Perelman School of Medicine of University ofPennsylvania. His research is in the fields of medical image analysis,translational medicine, computer vision and computational photography. Hisultimate research goal is to enhance patient care by creating algorithms forautomatically quantifying and generalizing the information latent in variousmedical images for tasks such as disease analysis and surgical planning,through the applications of computer vision and machine learning approaches tomedical image analysis tasks and development of strategies for image-guidedintervention/surgery.