Yan Xu


Dr. Yan Xu is a lecturer at the School of Communication of Shandong Normal University in China.

She obtained her doctorate degree in signal and information processing from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2013. Supported by the China Scholarship Council from 2010 to 2012, she started to study abroad at Concordia University as a visiting researcher. Dr. Xu is mainly engaged in the research direction of image processing, machine learning, etc. She has published 17 academic papers, and attended many international conferences and journals, invited to make the oral presentation.

Some Recent Publications

1.Yan Xu, Xueming Li, Chingyi Suen. Image Super-Resolution Based Wavelet Framework with Gradient Prior. The 14th International Conference Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP), August 29-31 2011, Seville, Spain, LNCS 6855: 421-428.

2.Yan Xu, Xue M. Li, Ching Y. Suen. Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Based On Self-Similarity and Neural Networks. the 11th International Conference on Information Sciences, Signal Processing and their Applications (ISSPA), July 2-5 2012, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

3.Yan Xu, Xueming Li. Super-resolution Image Reconstruction Using Cycle-Spinning. The International Conference on Computer Engineering and Technology (ICCET), 2010, 481-484.