Yufang Tang


Dr. Yufang Tang is a lecturer at the School of Communication of Shandong Normal University in China. He obtained his doctorate degree in signal and information processing from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Dr. Tang mainly focused on the research direction of pattern recognition, sparse coding, machine learning, etc. He has published more than 10 papers in international conferences and academic journals and made the oral presentation, such as Canada and Turkey, indexed.

Some Recent Publications

1)Yufang Tang , Xueming Li, Yan Xu, et al. Sparse Dimensionality Reduction Based on Compressed Sensing[A]. // Wireless Communications and Networking Conference(WCNC)[C]. Istanbul, Turkey: 2014: 3373–3378.

2)Yufang Tang , Xueming Li, Yan Xu, et al. Group Lasso based Collaborative Representation for Face Recognition[A]. // IEEE International Conference on Network Infrastructure and Digital Content(ICNIDC)[C]. Beijing, China: 2014: 79–83.

3)Yufang Tang , Xueming Li, Yan Xu, et al. A Mixed Integer Programming Approach to Maximum Margin 0-1 Loss Classification[A]. // International Radar Conference(Radar)[C]. Lille, France: 2014: 1–6.

4)Yufang Tang , Xueming Li, Yan Xu, et al. Review of Content Distribution Network Architectures[A]. // International Conference on Computer Science and Network(ICCSNT)[C]. Dalian, China: 2013: 777–782.

5)Yufang Tang , Xueming Li, Yan Xu, et al. Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Spare Representation-based Classifier[A]. // IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium( IGARSS)[C]. Quebec City, Canada: 2014: 3450–3453.