Jianwei Lin


       Jianwei Lin received B.Sc. degree from school of information science and Engineering, Zaozhuang University in 2014. Currently, he is a second year graduate student with the major of computer software and theory, at school of information science and engineering in Shandong Normal University. He is under the supervision of Prof. Yuanjie Zheng. His main research interests include computer vision, deep learning and medical image processing. He is a CCF (Chinese Computer Federation) member(No: 53980G).

QQ: 1281660477.

Email: linjianwei@stu.sdnu.edu.cn.


Published Paper:

[1]     Jianwei Lin, Yuanjie Zheng, Wanzhen Jiao, Bojun Zhao, Shaoting Zhang, James Gee, Rui Xiao.Groupwise registration of sequential images from multispectral imaging (MSI) of the retina and choroid.Optics Express, 2016, 24(22):25277-25290.SCI )

[2] Sujuan Hou, Jianwei Lin, Shangbo Zhou, Maoling Qin , Weikuan Jia, Yuanjie Zheng. “Deep Hierarchical Representation from Classifying Logo-405.”  Compexity, 2017, 99(2017):1-12. (SCI).

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